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Looking Forward in 2022

Meetings:   In light of the current explosion of omicron variant COVID cases in McLennan County, I believe it is wise to delay live meetings.  When we do return to in person meetings. vaccination with booster will be required.  And unless CDC recommendations change, masking will also be necessary. Go Renewable Waco:   We continue to attend and comment at Council & Sustainable Resource Practices Advisory Board meetings, advising decarbonization in all policy decisions.  We have also attempted to provide input at the Building Standards Committee recently, but the meeting was cancelled due to lack of quorum. New Major Project:   As the styrofoam recycling program winds down, we are studying options for a new project.  Please forward any ideas to   All ideas are welcome, but it would be great to adopt another program that is positive and involves the City at large, as did styrofoam.  Thanks to all our members for their dedication and patience.  With effort by a

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