Important Announcements

Next Styrofoam Recycling Day April 3rd

The Waco Friends of the Climate will hold a Drive-Thru Styrofoam Recycling Event, Saturday, April 3, 9 am until 1 pm, in the parking lot in front of Ocean Buffet, at the corner of Valley Mills and Waco Drives.  Look for UHaul trucks with recycling signs on the side.

We ask that donors wear masks and stay in their vehicles, and we will remove the material from trunk and back seats.

 We accept Styrofoam cups and other food containers, in addition to larger blocks and molded pieces. Peanuts cannot be accepted.  Please clean the Styrofoam and place small pieces in a plastic bag. Please avoid ANY non-Styrofoam materials.

 Please arrive early, as our trucks may reach capacity. The service is free.