Important Announcements

The following link is direct to the climate crisis art show award results:

New Billboard

The new Waco Friends of the Climate billboard is on New Road, on the right-hand side approaching Valley Mills Dr., near a Dollar Store. This is our first excellent, high traffic location--thanks to Mr. Littrell. 

Why the billboard? Many experts believe talking about the climate crisis is one of the most effective actions one may take. This board talks about the climate 24-7.

"Climate change" seems to a forbidden term in Waco, even among those who should care about the issue. -The billboard is a constant reminder that we all need to take the actions that we can to mitigate the climate crisis.

For those not familiar, the symbol comes from the organization Extinction Rebellion. The circle represents the Earth and the hourglass the very short time we have to act on climate to avoid catastrophe. 

GHG emissions must be cut 45% by 2030.