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Response To Cal Thomas Article In Trib

Alan Northcutt submitted the following letter to the editor of the Waco Tribune Herald.

Dear Editor—

Cal Thomas, in a recent Trib column, spreads this misinformation about electric vehicles (EVs): “Current technology does not support battery life sufficient to drive long distances.” On Nov. 5th, Michael Strauss reinforced this myth by agreeing with Thomas’ “facts.” On the contrary, Inside notes that of the 28 EV models currently sold in the U.S., 21 have a range over 200 miles, the longest range is 402 miles, and a range over 500 miles is expected within 2 years. With 4 years’ experience driving EVs, I can report that with a 320-mile range and the current charging network, my Tesla Model 3 is completely practical TODAY. Further, driving an EV is a powerful tool to combat the climate crisis and save countless lives through elimination of tailpipe air pollution.

Alan D. Northcutt, M.D.
Waco, TX
November 5, 2020