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NO DAPL PROTEST - Global Day of Action

On Tuesday, November 15th, Waco Friends of Peace/Climate will host a protest action in front of the United States Federal Courthouse at 800 Franklin Ave in Waco.  The action will last from 4:00 pm until 6:00 pm.

This event will be part of the actions around the world on November 15.  The NO DAPL movement is the biggest issue at this moment in the climate change community.  It is a REAL issue for the Standing Rock Sioux people, as they work to protect their water and sacred sites.  It is a REAL issue as the science tells us we must build NO more new fossil fuel infrastructure if we are to have hopes of surviving climate change.  And it has become symbolic of our struggle: the people and science against the greed of the fossil fuel corporations. 

And with the election of climate change denier Donald Trump as President November 8, we must work even harder the next four years, starting immediately.  This protest is the perfect opportunity to express our commitment to defeating the environmentally destructive policies Trump has promised. 

  • This will be a legal protest on a public sidewalk.  We have informed the Courthouse personnel in order to avoid conflict.  No need to fear arrest.
  • We will provide the giant banner.  Please express yourself by bringing your own sign.
  • We expect a sunny pleasant day, but bring gear in case of rain.  We will protest, rain or shine.  The Standing Rock Sioux have endured attack by dog--we can survive a little bad weather. 
  • We start at 4pm because of Courthouse hours.  But come whenever you can:  your presence is what matters. 
  • Dinner at a downtown restaurant after would be great if members agree.
  • The protest serves as our November meeting.  PLEASE join us and help create a huge crowd.  If you have never joined a protest before, I encourage you to take part--you will never regret doing the right thing.  Let's fill up the sidewalk.
  • Questions:  contact Alan Northcutt at