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Letter to Waco Meteorologists

The following letter was signed by attendees at the October meeting of Waco Friends of Peace/Climate and sent to the weathermen at Channels 6 and 25 in Waco:
As citizens of Central Texas, we would respectfully request that you include information in your weather broadcasts connecting weather to climate change. We recognize that many local residents rely on television weather forecasts, and that you have a large and loyal following. Thus you have a great opportunity to inform citizens about the serious challenge of climate change. Please consider the following:
  • Anthropogenic climate change is a crisis according to the best science, and thus we have a responsibility to educate the public on this topic.
  • The American Meteorological Society completely embraces the science of climate change.  Their websites contains publications by the AMS, such as "Explaining Extreme Events of 2014 from a Climate Perspective." 
  • Central Texas has experienced very hot weather this past summer, and July and August 2016 are tied for globally the hottest months in recorded history.
  • Waco experienced severe flooding in the spring of 2015 and 2016.  May 2015 was the wettest single month on record in Texas.  Climate science has predicted heavier rainfalls, as the warmer atmosphere holds more moisture. 
Although the nations of the world are united to combat climate change through the Paris Agreement, history informs us that major change also depends on an informed populace demanding action. You have an excellent opportunity to educate viewers by making the connection between weather and climate change. Thank you for taking action on this vital and urgent issue.

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