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Petition to Stop Tradinghouse Gas Power Plant

Stop Tradinghouse Lake gas plant; bring renewable energy solutions to Central Texas

The proposed Tradinghouse Lake gas-fired power plant could increase ground level ozone pollution, which contributes to asthma and other lung diseases especially in  children, heart disease, school absence, hospitalization, and even death. Half of the gas used in these plants comes from fracking, which is known to contaminate water, increase birth defects, and increase earthquake risk near the fracking sites. Use of  natural gas incurs the risk of pipeline and storage leaks, with air pollution and explosions. And recent studies have shown that the total greenhouse gas footprint of natural gas plants is as large as coal-fired plants, contributing to dangerous global warming.  We ask the City Council to obtain electricity from renewable energy, especially wind and solar, instead of the Tradinghouse Lake plant.  Renewable energy would produce no local pollution or global warming, is price competitive with natural gas, saves water, and would encourage new businesses to locate in Central Texas

This petition will be delivered to the Waco, Texas City Council.
To sign the petition, go to and search "tradinghouse."

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