Important Announcements

Half Page Ad in the Waco Trib

Waco Friends of Peace placed a half page ad in the Waco Tribune-Herald on Saturday, November 28th, in support of the COP21 meeting in Paris.


1)Tell the Whitehouse we need a strong agreement at COP21 to  limit global temperature increase to 2 degree C maximum: or 202-456-1111.

2)Sign a petition to world leaders to ensure a strong agreement at COP21:

3)Install rooftop solar panels on your residence or find a utility that provides electricity from 100% renewable sources, such as Green Mountain Energy.

4)Purchase an electric plug in or hybrid car. With abundant models now, starting at $23,000, there is no reason to buy a gasoline powered automobile.

5)Conserve all forms of energy and natural resources.  The greenest form of electricity is that electricity that is never used (conserved). 

6)REDUCE, REUSE, REPAIR, RECYCLE.  Carefully consider all aspects of your daily life and find many ways you can apply these rules.  They will benefit the planet and your finances.

7)Never use bottled water or single-use plastic bags, except in an emergency.  Both are extremely damaging to our environment.   

Email to to be placed on the Friends of Peace email list.