Important Announcements

Progressive Film Series: August 13th, 2015



Thursday, August 13th
Poppa Rollo's Pizza
703 N. Valley Mills Dr.
6 PM Business & Buffet
6:30 Film & Discussion
Run Time 91 Minutes 

The Yes Men’s new film, The Yes Men Are Revolting, is our documentary for August.  In this new film they focus their theatrical activism, impersonation, and other stunts on climate change.  As always, the film is informative, powerful, personal, and hilarious.

If you are familiar with the Yes Men you will enjoy another dose of their unique brand of activism. If not, this introduction to the work of Andy and Mike will be stunning and inspirational.

“…Experts at impersonating corporate shills and government bureaucrats in bogus, sometimes hilarious news conferences that undermine the agendas of the institutions they pretend to represent.” – New York Times

 “Entertaining mix of agitpop, pranksterism and autobiography.” – Variety

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