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Keystone XL Pipeline Protest

On Saturday, March 29, from 2 to 4 pm, about 14 FOP members held a protest against the Keystone XL Pipeline at the corner of Valley Mills Drive and Waco Drive in Waco.  The action was very successful—thousands of drivers who pay little attention to this vital issue were alerted, and our reception was approximately 80% positive.  Our messages included "NO KEYSTONE,"  "STOP THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE," and "WINDMILLS NOT OIL SPILLS."   It was a beautiful day, as we worked to help ensure the planet will maintain future beautiful days.



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  1. hi friends of peace. first the pipeline is going thru. oil and natural gas are not going anywhere! at least 20 years. period. use your talents for something else. we are to big! you cant and wont stop us! energy independence for the usa is happening. thank god.


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