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Crawford Protest, April 12, 2008

George Bush sneaked into Crawford the weekend of April 12-13, but he could not hide from local activists. An amazing peace karma was at work. We were focused on one of the greatest crimes of the administration--torture--on Saturday. We learned later that day, that on Friday night Bush had admitted in a TV network interview, that he had approved specific torture methods to be used by the CIA. So our emphasis was right on target. Four of us gave witness for peace and justice at the ranch checkpoint on Prairie Chapel Road, picture above. In a bizarre form of comic relief, we observed a bicycle company van speeding from the compound. Although the wheels are completely off this administration, Bush's bicycle presumably is in good shape. He pedals while Baghdad and the American Constitution and values burn. Two activists also expressed their conscience at the downtown corner in Crawford. They were accompanied by two friends in the local police department.
Thus the constant presence of voices of protest against the crimes of the Bush administration remains intact--whenever Bush returns to Crawford.