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Official press release for the Cheney protest

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Cheney to be greeted by protesters in Waco

Waco, Tx. - Activists from Waco Friends of Peace and other local organizations will demonstrate outside of the hotel where Vice President Dick Cheney will be attending a Republican campaign fundraiser on Monday. April 10. The protest will start at 10 AM outside the Waco Hilton.

Alan Northcutt, one of the organizers of the event said their their protest will be a peaceful one, intended to send a message to Republicans about the ill-conceived and poorly managed policies of the Bush-Cheney administration, noting that the vice president plays a critical role in the working of the executive branch.

"With Cheney's approval rating in the US at 18%, we will express the outrage of 246 million Americans over the policies and actions of this man," Northcutt said. "Cheney was one of the major architects of the illegal and counterproductive war on Iraq, a conduit for no-bid contracts for Halliburton, and a continuing proponent of torture by the U.S."

Those who wish to participate in this nonviolent civil exercise of free speech are welcome to do so. Banners and placards will be available, or bring one of your own. Other creative but peaceful displays are also welcomed. If counter-demonstrators are present, our "side" is asked to remain civil and not engage or debate them.

The Waco Hilton is located at 113 S. University Parks Dr.

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