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Our protest marking the 3rd year of Iraq war/occupation

The Waco Trib shocked us all and did a decent photo story on our protest on Saturday. Unfortunately they did not deign to post it on their web page, so I could link to it. Publication date 3/19/06, page 1C.

Here's Alan's report on the day:

The weather cooperated for the March 18th protest and we had 10-15 activists there. Our local traffic response was about 80% positive. Again we had new faces, including a couple from Whitney. Another couple appeared, voiced their support, and brought sandwiches from Jason's Deli for all of us. We rec'd great photo coverage from the WTH, which made a strong statement even without any text. Channel 25 started their 6 and 10 p.m. segments with our story. A young reporter interviewed us, and blended our comments with info about the Global Day of Protest!! So no doubt we raised the awareness level in the central texas area. Without our presence, the 3rd anniversary of this disaster would have probably passed unreported and without observance.