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Monday, July 06, 2020

Climate Art Show Update

From Alan Northcutt:

Dear Climate Crisis Artists--
Since our last communication, the COVID-19 pandemic has rearranged the world, and you have probably had doubts about the survival of the climate art show.  In fairness to all the artists, I want to make this point clear:  we WILL hold the 4th Annual Climate Crisis Art Exhibit in October 2020.

I wanted to clarify this point so that everyone will have adequate time to complete their projects.  With this announcement, I will point out several important details:

Your effort will be respected and your art displayed. 

Although we hope to have a live show at the Waco Winery as before, the exact status of the show is not certain at this time.  If the Winery is available, the show will look and perform like the 2019 exhibit.  But if the Winery or other physical venue is not possible, we will hold the show on line, most likely with a website devoted to the climate art.

An online exhibit would have some advantages over a live show:  there would be no space limit on entries; voting for Peoples' Choice Award could include many more guest/voters; a reception would function through a platform such as Zoom or Go To Meeting; artists would not have to physically transport their art to the venue; prize money would be distributed as stated in the Instructions for Artists.

With the occurrence of the pandemic, artists may wish to include COVID-19 themes in their creations.  In fact the climate crisis and COVID-19 are related in several ways:  climate change will increase the emergence of zoonoses such as COVID, COVID patients who had been impacted by climate change or air pollution have a worse prognosis than those without climate change/air pollution impacts.

Note that sculptures of any size may be entered if the show should be online.

Please see the Instructions for Artists attached.  Realize that these may be modified if the Exhibit is online. 

In conclusion, we ask that all artists work on their pieces immediately so that everyone has time to perfect their entries..

This is a perfect time for teachers to encourage students to work on their entries as well.  And feel confident that your effort will be honored -- either at a live show or at an online event.

Please contact me with any questions at anorthc@aol.com  And remember that the grand opening is September 30, 2020.

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