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Sunday, February 09, 2020


Action: We call on EACH member to help by signing our new petition calling for the Waco City Council to create a new position, that of Assistant City Manager for Sustainability and Climate.  Every single reader of this email can help:  the petition asks only for Name, Town, Zip Code and Email Address.  Time required is approximately 60 seconds.  Everyone signing should be a resident of McLennan County, but not necessarily a resident of Waco.  Here is the link:


Rationale:  The "Go Renewable Waco" campaign is now 2 years duration and the Waco City Council is aware of the climate crisis and has taken very small steps toward decarbonization.  But with a city manager who is not committed to robust action, no assistant city manager with a mission of creating a green economy, and the Sustainability Board moribund, we strongly believe an individual is required who will understand the science and our deadline for action.  Given the city government structure in Waco, we believe that person should be a new Assistant City Manager for Sustainability and Climate.  Also, this gives us a simple, clear demand to make of the city.  More details may be read in the petition itself.  If further questions, please email Alan Northcutt at anorthc@aol.com It is vital that everyone sign this petition.  Also, please forward the link and invite your contacts to sign. 

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