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Monday, February 03, 2020

3rd Styrofoam Collection Day for Recycling Hosted by Waco Friends of Peace/Climate (2/1/2020):

This service was initiated because styrofoam is otherwise destined for the landfill in Waco.

Many thanks to people of Waco for their tremendous response.  Huge thanks to Travis Hipp for his invaluable assistance, and also to Kandy (Ana), Harrison Ward, Harry and Xavier Talley for their help.

This was the largest of all our collections so far:  amazingly, the 24ft UHaul truck was almost full to the ceiling. The metal shed at Dart Corp. in Waxahachie (where the load of Styrofoam was delivered) was also nearly full, with styrofoam reaching the ceiling.

In response to a question, we made NO profit during this event.  The next collection is expected to be in April or May.  We recognize that recycling will NOT end the climate crisis (our primary focus), but every effort helps. We offer these collections as a public service.

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