Waco Friends of the Climate normally meets on the first Monday of the month at Poppa Rollo’s Pizza, at 703 N. Valley Mills Dr. in Waco, with a free buffet followed by a documentary film or a guest speaker.

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Environmental Film Series: March 2, 2019

Australia On Fire

Monday, March 2nd
Poppa Rollo's Pizza
703 N. Valley Mills Dr.
6 pm: Free Vegan Pizza & Salad Bar followed by business, action, film & discussion
Film run time 32 minutes

The documentary Australia on Fire is a powerful film with up close video and interviews with survivors. Images of affected animals are also included.  With length of 32 minutes, there will be time for our action (topic to be announced) and discussion.  

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Monday, February 24, 2020

Fourth Styrofoam Recycling Day Coming Up

Our fourth Styrofoam recycling collection will be on Sunday, April 26, from 9am until 5pm.  It will be on the parking lot on the corner of Waco Drive & Valley Mills Drive, in front of Ocean Buffet in Waco.  Look for the UHaul truck with recycle signs.

This collection, sponsored by Waco Friends of Peace/Climate, is the only available recycling for styrofoam in the Waco
area.  Actual recycling of material is confirmed.  Come early, as truck capacity may be reached.

Accepted Styrofoam includes food containers, cups & trays, and larger molded & block pieces.  Styrofoam should be clean and placed in bags if possible.  Large, irregular fragments can be submitted without a bag.  No peanuts can be accepted.

This is a free, nonprofit service, although donations will be accepted in order to help defray truck rental expenses.  Complimentary climate action info cards will be provided to participants.

NOTE: there is a misconception that recycling is adequate to combat the climate crisis. Although recycling does reduce GHG emissions, the volume is a small portion of total emissions and recycling can NOT alone halt the climate catastrophe.  Our mission statement is climate action and education. Thus we perform these styrofoam collections as a public service and to fill a need in Waco.

Submit questions to anorthc@aol.com.

Thursday, February 20, 2020


After working on the Go Renewable Waco campaign for 2 1/2 years, a victory was reached on February 18, 2020, almost exactly 2 years after our kick off presentation to the Waco City Council.   The Council announced that the 2022 7-year energy contract for municipal power needs will be provided by 100% renewable energy.  MP2 Energy Texas, LLC is the energy provider and will sell Waco energy from five wind and solar companies, including Chapman Wind and Prospero Solar.  Most important is that this decision will slash the City's GHG emissions.  In addition, the new contract is projected to save the CIty $413,781.00 annually.

Clearly, the Waco Friends of Peace/Climate provided the impetus and inspiration for the City to consider moving to renewable energy.  In fact, our members will remember the pushback we received in the early months, in which City officials claimed renewable energy was more expensive than fossil fuels.  But we persevered, with multiple Powerpoint presentations to City groups, in which we documented that wind and utility scale solar are in fact cheaper than combined cycle natural gas energy. And in recent months we spoke at almost every Tuesday City Council meeting.
And in the end our truth prevailed:  the climate is protected and the City will save money on electricity purchases.  And for this victory we thank every member.  Every contribution mattered:  meeting attendance, donations, Sustainability Board presence, voices at City Council, petition collection, etc.  It would not have happened without us all.  Thank you deeply for making this victory possible.

The power contract is important, but it is only part of a total green economy.  We must transition to renewables for transportation, buildings, heating, cooling, cooking, agriculture.  And this transition is the municipal sector, plus residences and businesses.  Thus the task is Herculean, and clearly a powerful leader within the City is required to inspire and guide action.
Therefore, we call on the City to hire an Assistant City Manager for Sustainability and Climate.  This person must be totally versed in climate science, the IPCC timeline for action, and climate solutions.  So please sign our petition--it only takes 1 minute.  And after signing determine how you can best enroll others to sign the petition and take action.  We are only at 166, with a goal of 1000.  Thus we need all members contributing on this effort.  We cannot stop now.  Here is the petition link:


If your target individual does not have access to this link, they may simply:
1.  Go to www.change.org
2.  In the search bar, type "waco climate manager" and the petition will pop up
Please take action so we can move forward toward the next victory.  The future of  our planet depends on it.  

Sunday, February 09, 2020


Action: We call on EACH member to help by signing our new petition calling for the Waco City Council to create a new position, that of Assistant City Manager for Sustainability and Climate.  Every single reader of this email can help:  the petition asks only for Name, Town, Zip Code and Email Address.  Time required is approximately 60 seconds.  Everyone signing should be a resident of McLennan County, but not necessarily a resident of Waco.  Here is the link:


Rationale:  The "Go Renewable Waco" campaign is now 2 years duration and the Waco City Council is aware of the climate crisis and has taken very small steps toward decarbonization.  But with a city manager who is not committed to robust action, no assistant city manager with a mission of creating a green economy, and the Sustainability Board moribund, we strongly believe an individual is required who will understand the science and our deadline for action.  Given the city government structure in Waco, we believe that person should be a new Assistant City Manager for Sustainability and Climate.  Also, this gives us a simple, clear demand to make of the city.  More details may be read in the petition itself.  If further questions, please email Alan Northcutt at anorthc@aol.com It is vital that everyone sign this petition.  Also, please forward the link and invite your contacts to sign. 

To subscribe to FOP/Climate email list: anorthc@aol.com

Monday, February 03, 2020

3rd Styrofoam Collection Day for Recycling Hosted by Waco Friends of Peace/Climate (2/1/2020):

This service was initiated because styrofoam is otherwise destined for the landfill in Waco.

Many thanks to people of Waco for their tremendous response.  Huge thanks to Travis Hipp for his invaluable assistance, and also to Kandy (Ana), Harrison Ward, Harry and Xavier Talley for their help.

This was the largest of all our collections so far:  amazingly, the 24ft UHaul truck was almost full to the ceiling. The metal shed at Dart Corp. in Waxahachie (where the load of Styrofoam was delivered) was also nearly full, with styrofoam reaching the ceiling.

In response to a question, we made NO profit during this event.  The next collection is expected to be in April or May.  We recognize that recycling will NOT end the climate crisis (our primary focus), but every effort helps. We offer these collections as a public service.