Waco Friends of the Climate normally meets on the first Monday of the month at Poppa Rollo’s Pizza, at 703 N. Valley Mills Dr. in Waco, with a free buffet followed by a documentary film or a guest speaker.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019


From Alan Northcutt:

It has been almost two years since we first introduced the climate crisis and the "Go Renewable Waco" campaign to the Waco City Council.  Unfortunately, the City is extremely slow to change.  Our efforts led to the City of Waco hiring climate science denier Bryan Shaw to develop a City energy plan, due out in September 2019.  Obviously the plan is late.  We wait for the plan's release; we plan to review it and then release a critique, or a People's Energy Plan.  

The Sustainable Resource Practices Advisory Board released a set of recommendation on climate change, after the pressure of our campaign.  But for the last 7 months the Board has done nothing further on decarbonization. As of today, no meeting is on the calendar for November.  We will continue to apply pressure on the Board, demanding that it send more recommendations to the city council. But in all honesty, the October meeting demonstrated that they do NOT want to hear the voices of the public.  The Board session had discussed nothing but recycling.  I spoke at the end about the climate crisis and provided handouts.  The Board would not allow me 15 seconds over 3 minutes to complete my points.  And the Board session concluded after less than 1 hour.  Very disappointing.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Environmental Film Series: November 4, 2019

Climate Hackers

Monday, November 4th
Poppa Rollo's Pizza
703 N. Valley Mills Dr.
6 pm: Free Pasta/Vegetarian Pizza & Salad Buffet followed by business, group action, film & discussion
Run time: 27 minutes

Before the film, we will perform a group action to advance renewable energy.

The documentary, Climate Hackers, explains multiple proposed geoengineering techniques -- the advantages and risks.  This short film of 27 minutes will allow time for business and a group-wide action.  This is an excellent, concise documentary.

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Skip Landos, a friend of our organization and a personal friend, is sponsoring a documentary to be screened at the Unity Spiritual Center.  Below is their flyer, announcing the film for October 22.  We all owe Skip a great debt, as he formed the Waco Friends of Peace at the beginning of the Iraq War.  We have evolved since that 2002 origin, with a focus on climate, but we are still indebted to Skip.  I encourage as many members as possible join me at this event..I know we will all benefit.

From the flyer:

AN ENDLESS WAR? Getting Out of Afghanistan
A documentary film sponsored by:
Waco Friends for Responsible Government
(Advocacy Team of the Friends Committee on National Legislation)
Unity Spiritual Center
Waco Friends (Quaker) Worship Group
Tues., October 22, 2019   7-8:30 pm
Unity Spiritual Center 400 S. First St., Hewitt,TX
Free & open to the public.  Light Refreshments
A documentary film.  Directed by Bob Coen  Produced by Jean-Louis Bourgeois
FCNL's multi-issue advocacy connects Quaker testimonies with legislation in the U.S. Congress and the administration.

FOP Joins Protest At Donald Trump Rally

The Waco Friends of Peace/Climate had a contingent of three at the protest of Trump at his rally on Oct 17th at the American Airline Center in Dallas.  The FOP members joined about fifty protesters from Dallas. Given Trump's 45+ actions destructive to the climate, how could we not join this protest?

It was a high-spirited protest, with constant chants and yells. There was frequent interaction with poorly informed Trumpians wearing red 'MAGA' caps. Most troubling was the large number of young Trump supporters there. The Trumpians shouted out zealous climate denial memes and sometimes cursed us. It felt great to be there, joining others, opposing the EVIL that is Donald Trump.

The action was peaceful except for the person who tore and destroyed Emily's sign. Many thanks to Travis and Emily for speaking truth to power with great courage and conviction.

One block away was an intense group of about 200 Kurdish protestors, furious at Trump'slatest foreign policy blunder.

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Monday, October 14, 2019

PROTEST the Climate Criminal Trump, Thursday, October 17th

Trump  has a rally scheduled in Dallas, October 17th, 7pm, at the American Airlines Center, 2500 Victory Avenue, Dallas, Tx 75219.  Waco FOP/C will have a contingent:  This is mandatory given Trump's record on the climate and environment, which is the worst in US history.  No president has sold our natural resources, damaged our progress on climate mitigation, and attacked biodiversity as much as Trump.
The Dallas protest is organized as an anti-white supremacy protest, but we can certainly join them in solidarity, while emphasizing his climate crimes.

Meet at the parking lot of the new HEB on I35 at 4pm.  We will gather at the parking area nearest the I35 access road. Alan has space for one more activist in his EV; thus additional cars will be needed if a large number wish to attend.
In our view this is an opportunity too perfect to miss.  We all complain about this psychopathic president and all the damage he has done to our hard work in mitigation of warming.  Here is the chance to do something about it--to speak out to Trump in person.
Please make your own signs. etc.  Alan plans to make climate related messages and something with the Extinction Rebellion logo.
QUESTIONS:  Anorthc@aol.com or 254.744.1682

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Styrofoam Recycling Day

Drop off at the huge parking lot at Waco Dr. & Valley Mills Dr., in front of Ocean Buffet. Come early:  styrofoam accepted until our vehicle is full.

Put shaped/molded foam in one container,  and food service items (cups, containers) in a separate container. Rinse all pieces so they are clean. NO peanuts, lids, or straws.

We will take Styrofoam to Waxahachie, Tx, for recycling. This is a great opportunity to get rid of this hard-to-recycle material in a responsible manner. Help keep our land and waters free of styrofoam waste, lessen material in landfills, and cut GHG emissions.

This service is FREE.

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Environmental Film Series: Oct 7th, 2019

The Curse of Abundance

Monday, August 7th
Poppa Rollo's Pizza
703 N. Valley Mills Dr.
6 pm: Free Pasta/Vegetarian Pizza & Salad Buffet followed by business, film & discussion
Run time: 69 minutes

This 2019 documentary details the conflict between the indigenous people of the Yasuni Park, those who wish to preserve the biodiversity of the Amazon, and the oil companies committed to extraction.  At stake is one of the most important tropical rain forests and carbon sinks on the planet.  

A fascinating film with a length of 69 minutes, leaving ample time for discussion. 

Everyone invited - Students welcome    

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