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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

SOLAR TOUR WACO, Oct 5 and 6, 2019

Solar owners across the Waco area are opening their homes and businesses the weekend of October 5 & 6 as part of the National Solar Tour. The Tour will bring together solar supporters, home and business owners, and community members to celebrate and help grow solar in their communities.

1.     Urban REAP, Mission Waco
1509 N. 15th St., Waco, Tx 76707
Sat. Oct. 5, 10am-2pm
Non-profit organization
Light refreshments provided
·         36 rooftop solar panels (installed by Holtek, 2017)
·         3,600 galloon aquaponics system
·         Industrial composting machine
·         Rain catchment system
·         Garden bed demonstration
·         Garden supply center

2.     Residence
619 Stone Manor Dr., McGregor, Tx 76657 (Stone Creek Ranch subdivision off Hwy 84 near McGregor)
Sat. Oct. 5, 9am-4pm
Sun. Oct. 6, 9am-3pm
Light refreshments provided
·         30 rooftop solar panels (installed by Holtek, 2015)
·         Backyard composting
·         Plug-in hybrid car (PHEV)
·         Battery electric car (BEV)

3.      Residence
3301 Loma Vista Dr., Waco, Tx 76708
Sat. Oct. 5, 10am-2pm
Sun. Oct. 6, 1pm-5pm
Light refreshments provided
·         Rooftop solar panels & ground-based array (installed by Sunpro, 2019)
·         Rain catchment system

4.     Holtek Solar
500 Jewell Dr., Waco, Tx 76712
Sat. Oct. 5, 10am-12noon
Sun. Oct. 6, 10am-12noon
Light refreshments provided
·         Rooftop solar panels (installed by Holtek, 2017)
·         Real-time monitoring of Holtek’s system and 40 additional systems installed by Holtek in the area.

5.     Kittner and Pate Design Associates
4915 Lakewood Dr., Waco, Tx 76710
Sat. Oct. 5, 9am-5pm
Signage for explanation
·         Rooftop solar panels (9) on office (installed by Holtek, 2019)
·         Pedestal mounted on asphalt shingle roof
·         Grid-tied system with monitoring

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