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Sunday, September 08, 2019


After months of inaction, the SRPAB did meet on August 21, and we had a presence at the meeting.  Sadly, the Board took no new action, only reviewing an old Annual Report.  We spoke forcefully in favor of MONTHLY meetings of the Board--our climate emergency demands this.  Although there was some support for this idea expressed by one or two members, ultimately the Board did nothing,  But the most discouraging occurrence  was the very obvious attempt of the Board to silence us.  It became very clear they didn't want our input.  They cut our comments off at 3 minutes even though there was NO written Board policy specifying such a time limit.  So after NO discussion of climate change action for 5 months, the Board silenced us and ended the meeting in about 40 minutes!  At this point we have little hope that this Board will be productive in developing additional strategies to decarbonize the City.  Although we envision us continuing to attend the meetings, we think it will be more productive to take our proposals directly to the City Council and cut out this non-receptive  middleman.  The Board is viewed as a formality and a group controlled by the Council and Mr. Stem, not as an independent source for innovative ideas and direction on the transition to a carbon free Waco.

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