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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Climate Change Art Show Reception

This year’s climate change art show has been a great success, with about 65 quality entries.  There were approximately 200 guests at the reception.  The winners, announced at the reception, were:

1st:  Shawn Knuckles.  We Have Crossed THAT Bridge
2nd:  Elaine Earl.  Time's Up
3rd:  Kay Skipper Reinke.  Only the Beginning
Honorable Mention:  John Ciaburri.  Wilted
Honorable Mention:  Deborah Reed-Propst. Global Warming No. 2

1st:  Zander Lim. Hope
2nd: V. Speedwell. Flaming Hot Cheetos
3rd. Caitlyn Veazey. Where Would You Chose to Live?
Honorable Mention: James Johnson. Blind to the Fact.

Peoples' Choice
James Johnson. Blind to the Fact 

The show has been extended one month, which is fantastic news.  More people will be impacted, and education and inspiration are the primary goals of the event. So, as a result, the last day of the exhibit is now Nov. 2nd.  Everyone who entered the show made an important contribution by recognizing our climate crisis and using their talent to combat our existential threat of climate change.

Please note that we have continued the voting on the Peoples' Choice Award.  We presented this award to student James Johnson for his submission at the reception,  but we have decided to issue another such award to increase interest and enjoyment for exhibit visitors, to be able to recognize another deserving piece of art, and to also provide our artists another chance to win a cash ($$) award.  This award will be given to a different artist than the first Peoples Choice and will be announced near the end of the show.

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