Waco Friends of the Climate normally meets on the first Monday of the month at Poppa Rollo’s Pizza, at 703 N. Valley Mills Dr. in Waco, with a free buffet followed by a documentary film or a guest speaker.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

SOLAR TOUR WACO, Oct 5 and 6, 2019

Solar owners across the Waco area are opening their homes and businesses the weekend of October 5 & 6 as part of the National Solar Tour. The Tour will bring together solar supporters, home and business owners, and community members to celebrate and help grow solar in their communities.

1.     Urban REAP, Mission Waco
1509 N. 15th St., Waco, Tx 76707
Sat. Oct. 5, 10am-2pm
Non-profit organization
Light refreshments provided
·         36 rooftop solar panels (installed by Holtek, 2017)
·         3,600 galloon aquaponics system
·         Industrial composting machine
·         Rain catchment system
·         Garden bed demonstration
·         Garden supply center

2.     Residence
619 Stone Manor Dr., McGregor, Tx 76657 (Stone Creek Ranch subdivision off Hwy 84 near McGregor)
Sat. Oct. 5, 9am-4pm
Sun. Oct. 6, 9am-3pm
Light refreshments provided
·         30 rooftop solar panels (installed by Holtek, 2015)
·         Backyard composting
·         Plug-in hybrid car (PHEV)
·         Battery electric car (BEV)

3.      Residence
3301 Loma Vista Dr., Waco, Tx 76708
Sat. Oct. 5, 10am-2pm
Sun. Oct. 6, 1pm-5pm
Light refreshments provided
·         Rooftop solar panels & ground-based array (installed by Sunpro, 2019)
·         Rain catchment system

4.     Holtek Solar
500 Jewell Dr., Waco, Tx 76712
Sat. Oct. 5, 10am-12noon
Sun. Oct. 6, 10am-12noon
Light refreshments provided
·         Rooftop solar panels (installed by Holtek, 2017)
·         Real-time monitoring of Holtek’s system and 40 additional systems installed by Holtek in the area.

5.     Kittner and Pate Design Associates
4915 Lakewood Dr., Waco, Tx 76710
Sat. Oct. 5, 9am-5pm
Signage for explanation
·         Rooftop solar panels (9) on office (installed by Holtek, 2019)
·         Pedestal mounted on asphalt shingle roof
·         Grid-tied system with monitoring

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Climate Change Art Show Reception

This year’s climate change art show has been a great success, with about 65 quality entries.  There were approximately 200 guests at the reception.  The winners, announced at the reception, were:

1st:  Shawn Knuckles.  We Have Crossed THAT Bridge
2nd:  Elaine Earl.  Time's Up
3rd:  Kay Skipper Reinke.  Only the Beginning
Honorable Mention:  John Ciaburri.  Wilted
Honorable Mention:  Deborah Reed-Propst. Global Warming No. 2

1st:  Zander Lim. Hope
2nd: V. Speedwell. Flaming Hot Cheetos
3rd. Caitlyn Veazey. Where Would You Chose to Live?
Honorable Mention: James Johnson. Blind to the Fact.

Peoples' Choice
James Johnson. Blind to the Fact 

The show has been extended one month, which is fantastic news.  More people will be impacted, and education and inspiration are the primary goals of the event. So, as a result, the last day of the exhibit is now Nov. 2nd.  Everyone who entered the show made an important contribution by recognizing our climate crisis and using their talent to combat our existential threat of climate change.

Please note that we have continued the voting on the Peoples' Choice Award.  We presented this award to student James Johnson for his submission at the reception,  but we have decided to issue another such award to increase interest and enjoyment for exhibit visitors, to be able to recognize another deserving piece of art, and to also provide our artists another chance to win a cash ($$) award.  This award will be given to a different artist than the first Peoples Choice and will be announced near the end of the show.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

GLOBAL CLIMATE STRIKE DAY, SEPT 20: Waco Action at Exxon Mobile

When:  Friday, September 20, 2019,  3pm until 5pm (come when you can)

Where: Exxon Mobil Pipeline Co., 1501 Pecan Lane, Lacy-Lakeview 76705

Logistics:  This is a small Exxon building with adjacent pipeline structures.  The somewhat secluded street is a dead end and very quiet.  Spaces to protest are present alongside Pecan Lane.  Please be sure to bring your sign.  Suggestions:  Exxon Lies, the Planet Dies or Fries or People Die;  Keep it in the Ground; NO NEW Fossil Fuel Infrastructure;  Renewables are the Future;  Exxon: Climate Criminal; Exxon Knew; Fossil Fuels Kill

Why:  This action will be in solidarity with this global day of action.  Exxon Mobile is a huge reason we are in this climate emergency.  Exxon has understood the science for about 40 years and has funded lies and misinformation to delay climate action which would impact their bottom line.  One can view Exxon as essentially a criminal corporation.  No doubt word of this protest (in Waco, even) will reach the main Exxon offices.

We hope all of our members who are available at that time will join us.  The climate strategy is certainly multi-factorial, from renewable growth to divestment to government legislation.  And protests are important in building the movement, solidarity, and informing local citizens that we now LIVE WITHIN A GLOBAL CLIMATE EMERGENCY.  Please join us. 

Exxon Mobile Action

About ten activists mounted a protest at the Exxon Mobile Pipeline Co. on Friday, September 20th, in support of the global climate strike day.

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Friday, September 13, 2019

Climate Art Reception: FREE Wine, Food, Prizes

Public event by Waco Friends of Peace/Climate

Waco Winery Tasting Room & Rooftop Patio
708 Austin Ave, Second Floor, Waco
Saturday, September 14th, 6 - 8 pm

Join us for a delightful evening of art, science, live music, art judging, voting for the People's Choice Award, free climate action info cards, jury judging awards, door prizes, free wine, snacks, & desserts. (Note:  Guests must be 21 years of age to consume alcohol).

View almost 70 pieces of art on the theme of anthropogenic climate change. Vote for your favorite.   A robust Student Division is included this year.

A brief scientific program will explain the urgency of individual action on the climate crisis.

The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, People's Choice & Student awards will be announced and cash prizes given.   Door prizes for guests will be distributed.

Live music will be provided throughout the show by talented classical guitarist Frank Exum.   
Tasty vegetarian and vegan snacks & desserts will be provided. Wine and soft drinks are also free.

Recommend early arrival as numbers allowed in the venue are limited.

Questions:   anorthc@aol.com.

Sunday, September 08, 2019

NEW MEETING DAY: First Mondays

After our majority vote to move the meetings to Monday in order to avoid conflicts with Waco city council meetings, we found that the only available Monday was the 1st of each month.  We truly hope this works out for the vast majority of members.  Of course during some months we will have other meetings that will take priority.  But those months in which we do have meetings at Poppa Rollos, the 1st Monday will be utilized.  Our next Monday meeting is scheduled for October 7th. 

To subscribe to FOP/Climate email list: anorthc@aol.com


We are pleased to announce that the Waco metropolitan area will have participation in the Nation Solar Tour on October 5 and 6.  As of today, the tour includes three residences, one non-profit, and one business.   At this point we don't think we will need workers on those days.  However, anything you can do to spread the word about the event to encourage folks to visit the sites with rooftop solar on either of those two days will be valuable.   The ultimate goal is to increase the number of homes with solar in Waco and surrounding towns.

To subscribe to FOP/Climate email list: anorthc@aol.com


The citywide response to our recycling effort in August was heartening, and we have decided to do another similar event on October 26.  Please save your own styrofoam and inform all your contacts.  We can recycle food service items and block/molded styrofoam.  Peanuts, lids and straws are not accepted.  Please spread the word to help ensure a huge collection on October 26.


After months of inaction, the SRPAB did meet on August 21, and we had a presence at the meeting.  Sadly, the Board took no new action, only reviewing an old Annual Report.  We spoke forcefully in favor of MONTHLY meetings of the Board--our climate emergency demands this.  Although there was some support for this idea expressed by one or two members, ultimately the Board did nothing,  But the most discouraging occurrence  was the very obvious attempt of the Board to silence us.  It became very clear they didn't want our input.  They cut our comments off at 3 minutes even though there was NO written Board policy specifying such a time limit.  So after NO discussion of climate change action for 5 months, the Board silenced us and ended the meeting in about 40 minutes!  At this point we have little hope that this Board will be productive in developing additional strategies to decarbonize the City.  Although we envision us continuing to attend the meetings, we think it will be more productive to take our proposals directly to the City Council and cut out this non-receptive  middleman.  The Board is viewed as a formality and a group controlled by the Council and Mr. Stem, not as an independent source for innovative ideas and direction on the transition to a carbon free Waco.

TAKE ACTION NOW: Rooftop Solar at the Silos

Please join us in strongly encouraging Chip and Joanna to install solar panels on their empire in Waco.  The City of Waco is in the process of approving about $1 million in TIF funds for Magnolia.  At a recent Council meeting we have requested that the City require Magnolia to do rooftop solar in order to receive these TIF funds.  And if the City cannot legally require this, that the City strongly insist that they install a photovoltaic system.  To reinforce this, we ask that each member send a message to the Magnolia folks also requesting they do a solar installation.  Given the large following of Magnolia, we think it likely that homeowners in Waco would follow their example and a burst of rooftop solar could ensue.  So please take just 3 minutes and ask Chip/Joanna to do the right thing and install solar.  This would be a win for Magnolia, the City of Waco, and the climate.  Here is the link to the message form:  

To subscribe to FOP/Climate email list: anorthc@aol.com


September 14, Saturday, 6pm until 8pm at the Waco Winery, 708 Austin Avenue, Waco.  This reception will serve as our meeting for the month of September.  Of course, we encourage every member to attend.  In addition to viewing the art, a short scientific program will be provided.  Please be certain to place on your calendar NOW and invite everyone you know to join us.  Last year was inspirational and very enjoyable. 
There is limited parallel parking on Austin Avenue in the vicinity of the Waco Winery.  That parking is likely to be filled on a Saturday evening.  So we would suggest the parking lot directly behind the Hippodrome, which is on the same block as the Winery.  In addition, a very large parking lot is located adjacent to the Hippodrome lot, separated from it by 8th street.  That lot should have adequate space for everyone.  

We hope to see ALL of our members on September 14.