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Monday, April 22, 2019


At the Downtown Farmers Market in Waco, April 20th, 9am until 1pm, Waco FOP/C gave away 386 reusable shopping bags and climate information cards.  It was a beautiful day!  Most shoppers gratefully accepted the bags and were interested in the climate mitigation ideas on the small handout.  We encountered no obvious climate deniers.  

Reusable bags protect the planet from our horrendous plastic pollution & combat anthropogenic climate change (avoid fossil extraction, refining, transportation, and greenhouse gas (GHG) release from partial breakdown in landfill).

This was a wonderful annual experience of providing something beneficial for our planet completely FREE -- offered donations were not accepted.

Sincerest THANK YOU to our volunteers:  Harrison Ward, Adrian Northcutt, Richard Childers, Tom Rinard, Bonnie Rinard, Victoria Vasek & an additional lady whose name slipped my mind -- sorry.

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