Waco Friends of the Climate normally meets on the first Monday of the month at Poppa Rollo’s Pizza, at 703 N. Valley Mills Dr. in Waco, with a free buffet followed by a documentary film or a guest speaker.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Next Sustainability Board Meeting Feb 7th

Waco City Hall, 300 Austin Ave, Waco, TX 76701
3rd Floor Conference Room
Assemble 3:45pm, Session begins at 4:00 pm

Wear green FOP/C Tshirt or other light green shirt if possible.
Dinner provided following session.

From Alan Northcutt:

The Jan 17 meeting was deeply disappointing.  But we must show the Board members that we aren't going away, and that our support for a clean energy future is unwavering.  Our strategy is still evolving, but we will fight with all our energy.  Of course we MUST have 10 supporters so that we get our 10 minutes of time to speak.

Although the Jan 17th meeting did not go well, our resolution WAS placed on the Feb. agenda.  Thus there is still hope in the campaign and we need to be 100% engaged.

I have NO doubt we can do it for the 3rd time.  And it’s vital that the Board recognizes the depth of our commitment.

Since Councilman Kinnaird threw a brick at our effort on Jan. 17th, and I believe was summoned to silence us, I think we should also be emailing him NOW.  Please take a couple of minutes to send him a short email.  Note that his email address is on the City website and is thus in the public domain:   John.Kinnaird@wacotx.gov.

What to say when contacting these Board and Council members?  Several of our members and supporters have asked me this question.  I believe the most effective communication would be brief and state whole-hearted support for the Go Renewable Waco campaign and for the 100% renewable transition for the City.  (Although members may have great alternative plans, at this point I don’t think it would be helpful to write a long volume with a different proposal.  This would create confusion in the recipient.)  Our goal is to write that we support the 100% renewable energy transition, that it has been proven feasible by 6 cities that have already reached the goal, and that support for this action is widespread, including from citizens, abundant corporations, universities, countries, and the US Conference of Mayors. We are united in our request for this step by the Board.  And please ask for their vote YEA at the very next vote opportunity.

Our plan is to communicate with members of the SRPAB and let them know that a strong statement from the board for a renewable and clean energy transition is mandatory.  Hiding behind semantics and word games makes no sense in a world facing an existential threat of anthropogenic climate change. I believe our communications should be strong, but respectful.

Wiley Stem III was the loudest voice on the Board for inaction.  We ask that everyone go to his comment page and voice dissatisfaction with his position and firmly request a powerful statement from the SRPAB for a 100% renewable energy  economy in Waco.

Mr. Stem's comment page:

Also, please contact the other Board members (see Jan.22nd post), through Facebook messenger, Facebook pages, organizations, or if you find their email address.  Their names are public on the Waco website, but contact information is not provided.  Contacting Janet Wallace is crucial since she is Chair of the Board and is definitely on Facebook.  Ashley Millerd is also on Facebook.  They know we have 1187 names on our petition now, but direct communication from Wacoans will be powerful. 

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Contact Board Members


 Message, email or other method to contact these dedicated members of the Sustainable Resource Practices Advisory Board and request they support rapid transition of Waco to 100% clean, renewable energy. A LIVABLE CLIMATE & OUR SURVIVAL ARE AT STAKE

• Janet Wallace (Chair, Civic Organization)
• Wiley Stem Ill (City Manager, HOTAQCAB)
• Ashley Millerd (At-large)
• Larrye Weaver (Pct. 1)
• Walter C. Becker (Pct 3)
• Leonard Englander (HOTCOGSWAC)
• Laura Dempsey (Waco Business)
• Sarah Brockhaus (Baylor)
• George Chase (Pct. 5)
• Ed Palican (Pct. 2)
• Johnathan Dietz (Waco Business)
• Jeff Reneau (Pct.

Thank You, and Please Share!


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Monday, January 14, 2019

Powerpoint Lecture at Democratic Women of Central Texas Meeting, January 12, 2019











At 11am on January 12 at the South Waco Library, Dr. Alan Northcutt delivered a Powerpoint lecture to approximately 30 members of the Democratic Women of Central Texas.  Alan spoke for about 35 minutes.  His presentation covered basic climate science and climate impacts producing an existential threat, as well as climate actions at individual/city and state/federal levels.  He detailed the Go Renewable Waco campaign, which was unanimously endorsed by the Democratic Women.

Many thanks to Mary Mann for the invitation to speak and to all the attending members for their attention.

To sign the petition to the Waco city council, go to https://www.change.org/p/city-council-waco-wacocity-council-pledge-100-renewable-energy-by-2050.

To schedule a climate change lecture on your area of interest, contact Alan Northcutt at anorthc@aol.com.

 To subscribe to FOP/Climate email list: anorthc@aol.com 

Thursday, January 10, 2019


When:  Thursday, January 17, 2019.
Time:  Assemble 3:45pm outside conference room.  Session begins at 4:00pm. 
Where:  3rd Floor Conference Room, Waco City Hall, 300 Austin Ave., Waco 76701

Transportation:  If ride needed, contact Alan Northcutt at anorthc@aol.com.

Dress:  Please wear your green FOP/C T-shirt if possible, or other light green shirt (uniform appearance enhances the impression of cohesion).

Age:  Everyone welcome, including our student supporters. 

Agenda:  The plan is to make revisions to the resolution for 100% Renewable Waco presented to the Board in December. Alan will plan to introduce our supporters by hand raising in unison.   These will be discussed at the session.  Sarah Brockhaus will speak about the legal aspects of the resolution.  We hope to have time for one or more of our members give brief statements.  Alan plans to give a summary of the reasons this resolution is vital near the end of discussion and before the vote.

Vote:  It is impossible to predict the outcome of this vote.  The science, cost estimates, logic and urgency are on our side.  Although there is some opposition on the Board, we also have supporters.  Sarah and Alan will do their best to speak on behalf of Go Renewable Waco, but the presence of our members and other supporters is critical.  So please place this on your calendar now, invite others from the Waco area who are supporters of a green economy, and be present on the 17th.  

In addition, this Board session will serve as our January meeting.  If you would normally attend the meeting at Poppa Rollo's, please be present at City Hall.  (No one will be required to speak if they do not wish to.  There will be no cause for embarrassment)

Dinner:  As before, dinner will be provided at a nearby restaurant after the session.  The facility will offer vegetarian and vegan options to accommodate all members. 

Petition:   If you have not signed the online or hard copy, please do so immediately.  Also, if you have friends who desire a livable biosphere, please ask them to sign.  All signatories should be from the Waco area.  The following is the link:


If there are problems with the link, or you wish to verbally direct friends to the petition:
--go to www.change.org
--place "waco city council" in the search bar
--sign petition

Also, the number of signatures on line appears to have grown several hundred since Feb 2018, and we will present this information in the session.  Obviously, the more signatories the better.