Waco Friends of the Climate normally meets on the first Monday of the month at Poppa Rollo’s Pizza, at 703 N. Valley Mills Dr. in Waco, with a free buffet followed by a documentary film or a guest speaker.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Earth Day 2015

The Waco Friends of Peace celebrated Earth Day 2015 by distributing free reusable shopping bags on Saturday, April 18th, at the Downtown Farmers Market.  The shopping bags featured the message:  COMBAT CLIMATE CHANGE—AVOID PLASTIC.  About 1500 bags were given away at the successful action.

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Elementary School Book Donation

The Waco Friends of Peace began our  CLIMATE BOOK DONATION program to 20 area elementary schools on July 9th.  Buried Sunlight will be delivered or mailed to these local school libraries.  As the UN Climate Education Program has noted, education of the children about anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD) is an important part of the battle against climate change.  The text has an appropriately optimistic tone, is beautifully illustrated, and has the “Scholastic” imprint.

Thanks to all our members who volunteered to help distribute these books.  We will continue this effort until all elementary schools in the area have been included.

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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Lecture and Meeting: July 9, 2015

Rick Allen Lecture:  WACO AND ITS WATER

Thursday, July 9th        
Poppa Rollo's Pizza
703 N. Valley Mills Dr.
6 PM Business & Buffet
6:30 Lecture & Discussion

Rick Allen, former Waco City Council member and community activist, will address Waco Friends of Peace with a lecture entitled “Waco and Its Water.”  Mr. Allen will be assisted by Wiley Stem, Assistant City Manager.

Conservation is one of the important strategies we must employ if we are to survive the most catastrophic effects of anthropogenic climate disruption.  Although our major focus is reducing CO2 emissions and our carbon footprints in hopes of preserving a livable biosphere, adequate fresh water is also a necessity for the survival of our species.  The World Bank has projected that by 2025 two-thirds of the global population will face a shortage of fresh drinking water.  The rich nations of the world waste large volumes of water, while many developing nations are struggling to provide enough water for their people.

The Friends of Peace are thus honored to have Rick Allen speak on the very timely topic of water conservation and sustainability.  With Mr. Allen’s local experience in this field, the meeting will be a great educational event.

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