Waco Friends of the Climate normally meets on the first Monday of the month at Poppa Rollo’s Pizza, at 703 N. Valley Mills Dr. in Waco, with a free buffet followed by a documentary film or a guest speaker.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014


Saturday, September 13

Corner of Valley Mills and Waco Drives

Start time 2 p.m. 

The Waco Friends of Peace will gather in solidarity with hundreds of actions held in the lead-up to the Citizen's Climate March, September 21 in NYC.  Our focal point and powerful visual will be a 10 foot inflated Earth bearing the satellite image of our Planet.  Our messages will center around our commitment to reaching an international agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions and thus maintain Earth as inhabitable for humans and our fellow species.


We hope everyone who will be in town on September 13 will join us in this vital effort.  We need activists to help manage this huge balloon Earth, carry signs and banners, and present a significant crowd-size for the media.  With a good crowd we will reach 1000s of motorists and tens of 1000s though media coverage.

Only when an informed populace demands action on climate change will the politicians take serious policy initiatives that scientists know are required now.

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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Progressive Film Series: July 10, 2014


Thursday, August 14th
Poppa Rollo's Pizza
West-Bank Meeting Room
703 N. Valley Mills Dr.
6 PM Pizza & Business
6:30 Film & Discussion
Runtime:125 Minutes

GASLAND, PART II is a provocative follow-up to Josh Fox's award-winning documentary feature debut GASLAND. The new film continues to explore the controversial method of extracting natural gas and oil known as fracking, arguing how dangerous the process is, and how pervasive the gas industry's influence on public policy has become. Tempered by Fox's trademark dark humor, the film shows how the stakes have been raised on all sides in one of the most divisive environmental issues facing our nation today.  GASLAND PART II pierces prevailing myths by arguing how and why fracked wells leak over time, contaminating water and air, hurting families and endangering the Earth's climate with methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.  It also sheds light on the global consequences of fracking, as more and more countries are following the US's lead in drilling for gas. 

"Haunting and provocative." - LA Times

"A cinematic primal scream" - NY Daily News

Email to anorthc@aol.com to be placed on the Friends of Peace email list.