Waco Friends of the Climate normally meets on the first Monday of the month at Poppa Rollo’s Pizza, at 703 N. Valley Mills Dr. in Waco, with a free buffet followed by a documentary film or a guest speaker.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Special Lecture Event: Survivors of the Freedom Flotilla Massacre

Poppa Rollo's Pizza, 703 N. Valley Mills Drive, Waco. in the Westbank meeting room. Your attendance is greatly appreciated. If you have doubts about the attack, come hear a first hand account from a world renowned peace activist.
If you were shocked by the massacre on the flotilla, please come and help us provide a large audience for Ann Wright and Joe Meadors.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

U.S. Department of War Budget

The Friends of Peace erected the billboard about the bloated military budget to help build awareness of this incredible waste. The money spent on imperialist ventures is badly needed
at home, especially during the current severe recession.
Thanks for visiting our web site for more information. The pie chart below gives a more detailed breakdown of the U.S. budget. All sectors of spending are dwarfed by the war dollars.
For more details and suggestions of actions you can take to help slash the war spending, go
to www.nationalpriorities.org

Congressman Barney Frank has been a leader in the effort
to slash the military budget. He has proposed a 25% decrease in military spending. For a recent article on his
efforts, go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/04/23/the-barney-commission-def_n_550066.html


DATE: Thursday, June 10, 2010.
TIME: 6PM pizza buffet and announcements.
6:30 film and discussion.
GENRE: documentary.
DIRECTOR: Michael Moore.
VENUE: Poppa Rollo's Pizza meeting room, 703 N. Valley Mills Drive, Waco.
FEE: All free.
RATING: R (some language).
RUN TIME: 127 minutes.

In presenting a fireball of a movie that might change your life, Moore skewers both major political parties for selling out the millions of people devastated by loss of homes and jobs to the
interests of fat cat capitalists.

"This is Moore's magnum opus." --Mary Corliss, TIME.
"Michael Moore has made the most important and urgent political film of our time." --Dan
Siegel, Huffington Post.
"Capitalism is the best one yet...Moore is at the top of his game...a highly sophisticated
filmmaker." --Brian Johnson, Macleans.
"Funny and powerful." --Owen Gleiberman, EW

BUSINESS: military budget billboard, Afghanistan war supplemental funding bill, Freedom Flotilla Massacre.