Waco Friends of Peace/Climate meet monthly, the third Tuesday of the month, 6 pm, at Poppo Rollo's Pizza
Westbank Meeting Room, 703 N. Valley Mills Dr., Waco, 76710. Free presentation and pizza/salad buffet.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Response to “Informal Report: Energy Guidance Plan” at City Council July 16, 2019

From Alan Northcutt:

Deepest sincere thanks to our 16+ members who attended in support of our presentation.

I rebutted as much of the City energy plan as I could in 10 minutes and provided a handout covering the entire report.  Their report was written with climate denier Bryan Shaw, who has no understanding of the urgency of decarbonization.  Many errors were found.

Our basic points:

  • City rooftop solar installation should begin immediately.  All new city construction should have rooftop solar.  The report’s objections to solar are largely spurious.
  • New City energy contracts in 2021 must be 100% renewables.
  • Waco lags seriously behind in number of solar installations.
  • Switch City heating/cooling to electricity from natural gas by 2050.
  • Natural gas is not a bridge fuel.  Emissions are equal to or greater than coal, health impacts are serious, and fracking induces earthquakes.
  • Waco has only two EV charging facilities.  The City should install these at the two malls and downtown.  Apply for TCEQ grants.
  • The City should begin transition to EVs immediately.  Long range affordable EVs are available.
  • Contrary to the report, long range electric garbage trucks are available.
  • Develop incentives for residential/business rooftop solar and EVs, as Austin and San Antonio have done.
  • Complete efficiency audits of all city buildings.
  • The Shaw report does not mention that we must be carbon net zero by 2050.
  • Our formal final decarbonization report will coincide with the City’s Shaw report in September.

Complimentary dinner at Clay Pot followed the meeting.

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

URGENT ACTION -- Tuesday, July 16

All members needed: 5:45pm, Tuesday, at the Bosque Theater of the Waco Convention Center, the Business Session of Waco City Council.

Alan Northcutt will provide a 10 minute Powerpoint Peoples' Response to the preliminary report of the energy consultant and climate denier Bryan Shaw.  We MUST have 10 members present for Alan to have the allowed 10 minutes to speak.

As expected, the Shaw report is weak, has many shortcomings, and does not address at all the urgency of action on decarbonization.

We have had a tremendous influence on the City, forcing it to at least begin the process of transition to a green economy.  But we must continue to apply pressure by speaking the TRUTH and conveying the science, which tells us climate change is a global emergency.

Dinner will be complimentary after the Council session.

Your presence is vital Tuesday:  without adequate numbers, our voice will be silent Tuesday.  PLEASE JOIN US TO ACT ON THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE OF OUR TIME.

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More Art Show Info

From Alan Northcutt:

1) Many thanks to all artists who attended the lunch July 11 at Bangkok Royale Restaurant in Waco.  It was great to see everyone there and discuss the 3rd Annual Show.

2) Per request of one of our artist-judges, please do not post the pieces you plan to enter in the Climate Exhibit on social media.  This will allow greater anonymity of the art, and increase the fairness of judging.

3) One of our artists asked for more information on possible topics to address in submitted art.  First, I would remind everyone that in the Instructions for Artists I included a relatively thorough list of climate change impacts, and any of those could be the theme of one's contribution to the show.  Second, I will include a link here from Scientific American entitled "Climate Change is a Public Health Emergency," which is a concise review of some major climate change impacts.   I do think it would be helpful if artists this year addressed some of the dangers of climate change that have not been focused upon in the past 2 years.  If anyone has questions about appropriate topics, please feel free to contact me at anorthc@aol.com

https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/climate-change-is-a-public-health-emerge ncy/

4) I would like to request now that each of you who intend to enter the show shoot me a very quick email confirming this.  I don't need details, just a statement of plans to enter, to help in planning for space utilization, etc.  Thank you very much.

Thanks to everyone one of you planning to enter the show this year.  The Climate Art Show is unique among the many art shows in Waco:  in addition to displaying your creativity and  talent, your effort will have a positive impact on mankind's struggle to preserve a livable home on this planet.  You will be contributing to the preservation of human civilization for your children and all the children of this world.  The fact that over 600 cities/countries have recently declared a climate change emergency emphasizes how truly critical our situation is.

Alan Northcutt, MD
3rd Annual Climate Change Art Exhibit
July 12, 2019 

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Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Greetings Climate Change Art Exhibit Participants

Yes, contrary to popular belief--there IS a free lunch.

In appreciation of the work many of you have done in previous years of the Climate Show, and in anticipation of the 2019 Show, we are offering a gratis lunch to you all this Thursday.  In addition to expressing our appreciation, we would like to solicit your input on the Show--things you like or dislike, and any additions you might suggest.  

Here are the details:
Event:  3rd Annual Climate Change Art Exhibit Artist's Lunch
Date:   Thursday, July 11, 2019
Time:   12 Noon.
Venue: Bankok Royal Thai Restaurant, 215 S. University Parks Dr. Waco, Tx 76701
Cost:    Free.  
Questions:  email anorthc@aol.com

We hope many of your are able to join us.  If you know other artists who are interested in this art exhibit, please invite them as well. Everyone is welcome:  those artists who entered in previous years and those anticipating joining this year.  We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019


From Alan Northcutt:

Now:  Because we didn't have chance to speak at City Council June 18, I emailed my support for rooftop solar on municipal buildings to the Mayor and Councilpersons.  Please email the statement you planned to give also. 

July 16 (tentative):  Save the date.  Waco City Council meeting:  we may receive "consultant" report from climate denier Bryan Shaw.  I will probably do a 10 minute Powerpoint response if the Shaw report is received early.  We need everyone to attend at 6pm.  This is HUGE:  Shaw's report is likely counterproductive to decarbonization.  We must be prepared to fight misinformation.  Details to follow.

July 29:  Regular monthly meeting at Poppa Rollo’s, 6 pm.  Program of lecture or documentary to be announced.  Since Monday won out in voting, we are doing this Monday on a trial basis.  If anyone has a favorite climate documentary to suggest, please email me at anorthc@aol.com.

August 25-26:  Drop off of climate art at Waco Winery.
August 28-September 28:  3rd Annual Climate Change Art Exhibit.
September 14, 6-8pm:  Reception for Climate Art Exhibit.  Music by Frank Exum. 

December 2-December 13:  COP 25 in Santiago.  Possible contingent from Waco FOP/C.  

We are currently working on a design for an eye-catching yard sign.  One consideration is a background of flames with the words "Climate Emergency NOW."  We request all ideas from our members in order to obtain the best possible yard sign.  We think these are powerful, and will help create more awareness.  Please email your ideas:  anorthc@aol.com

Now that the campaign is underway, please spread to your schools, churches, neighborhoods, colleagues, friends and families.  Bring your ideas as this movement grows with time.  Please record the names of any institutions which adopt this campaign.  Remember that a "Plant rich diet" is ranked # 4 of 100 climate change solutions in the amazing reference text Drawdown, edited by Paul Hawken.

For all our members who could not attend the City Council action June 18, we were not able to give our comments in support of the City installing rooftop solar on municipal buildings.  (About 60 people were there to speak on an agenda item before us.)  We felt our speeches would be too late when everyone was exhausted and it would not be a good strategy.

But I want to DEEPLY THANK the 12 or 13 members who attended, most of whom prepared to speak.  I was moved by our numbers, which increased since our similar action March 19.  Please don't think your efforts were wasted.  First, anytime we prepare a speech, we research and increase our knowledge base.  Second, the Council was aware of our continued presence, every session, and they realize we are committed and persistent.  Third, it demonstrates our cohesion and friendships.  Fourth, we enjoyed a delicious meal together at Clay Pot.

So, what do we do going forward?  First, I realize that because of my daughter's wedding out of town, I will not be able to attend the next session on July 2.  And councilpersons have indicated to me that a report from climate denier Bryan Shaw will be out later in the month.  So it may be best for us to respond to this report specifically.  And given his prior address to the Council, I expect it to promote natural gas and nix or go slow on renewables.  Thus,  I recommend we delay our organized multi-speaker action until later in the month of July.

Finally, our efforts at the June 18 Council meeting were not wasted, and I know you will all rise to the occasion when called on next time.  I will be in touch with plans for the next City Council action.  And to clarify:  I DON’T think focusing on the Council is the only possible approach, but I think if the Council were to move briskly to decarbonize it would set a direction and vision for other sectors of the city.

Please feel to email me with any questions or ideas:   anorthc@aol.com.

And again, sincere THANKS,


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Update: 3rd Annual Climate Change Art Show

Greetings 3rd Annual Climate Change Art Exhibit Participants--

We are excited about the upcoming climate show and are greatly appreciative of your participation. Here we would like to discuss a few important issues.

Students. Since we now have a Student Division of the show, with a separate judging and prize, we have a section on the entry form with the choice of "Adult" or "Student."  If this is completed by our artists, it will be easier for us to assign pieces for judging and prize distribution.

Extinction Rebellion.  As a bit of good news, it appears the climate movement finally has a recognizable symbol.  The Extinction Rebellion (XR) movement has done myriad climate protests and other actions throughout Europe and in the United States.  Their symbol is that of an hourglass within a circle, representing the very short time the science says we have to complete decarbonization.  And we mention it here also, as we think some artists may wish to incorporate the XR symbol in their art.  Here is the symbol:

Spread the Word.  We know that anthropogenic climate change is an existential threat.  Therefore, it is important that our art show reach as many citizens as possible.  Thus, it is vital that all artists spread the word about the show to their colleagues, students, friends and family.  This is one of the most effective methods of increasing entries in the event.  The flyer below is very useful for this effort.  We are very appreciative of your help in this work.

Installation/Interactive Display.  We hope to use the accessory stairwell and landings at the Waco Winery for a larger exhibit, designed to be educational and hopefully interactive.  We have some scientific ideas but we would like to collaborate with one or more of our artists on this project.  We will offer some funding to cover the costs.  If interested, please email immediately at anorthc@aol.com.

We hope everyone is busy visualizing their piece or constructing it, and we wish all participants the best of luck.  Please remember that relevance to anthropogenic climate change is an extremely important criterion in the judging.  Please feel free to email anorthc@aol.com with any questions.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


DATE:  Tuesday, June 18, 2019.

 Arrive 5:45pm, Session at  6:00pm.

WHERE:  Waco City Council meeting at the Bosque Theater of the Convention Center, 100 Washington Avenue.  Bosque Theater is adjacent to the parking lot of the Hilton Hotel and City Hall.  Ample parking in these lots.  As soon as you enter the doors the Bosque Theater is evident.

LOGISTICS:  A table is present in front of the Theater doors.  Fill out a white card stating your demographics and your topic (municipal rooftop solar).  Enter Brazos Theater.  After short business items, individuals will be called by name to speak. 

SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER:  Each person has 3 minutes to speak, and a yellow light comes on the podium at 2 minutes 30 seconds. Given the short time for each speaker, there is absolutely nothing wrong with writing down your speech--this is very helpful when a talk is brief and has no associated slides. We are pushing the City of Waco to take a concrete step toward decarbonization by doing rooftop solar on some municipal buildings.  I suggest that each person talk about the part of solar energy that is most important to them.  Possible areas of discussion include:  cutting of GHG emissions, eventual monetary savings on energy, cleaner air, water conservation, improved citizen health, health cost savings, improved building resale value, creation of solar technician jobs, setting example for the public sector, improved Waco's image, impact on our children's future, and City demonstration of positive action NOW. 

STUDENTS/CHILDREN:  No students should be required to speak, but if they feel strongly about climate change and wish to speak, they should be encouraged to do so.  The presence of babies would help emphasize how critical climate action is to the next generation. 

SUPPORTERS:  We need everyone present in the Council auditorium:  those who don't feel able to speak, your presence and solidarity/support are critical. 

DRESS CODE:  The new Waco FOP/C T-shirts are recommended for all our members, to create a unified appearance. 

DINNER:  Dinner will be provided at a local restaurant, typically within walking distance of the Brazos Theater.  Of course, vegan options will be available. 

TRANSPORTATION NEEDED?: email anorthc@aol.com

QUESTIONS:  email anorthc@aol.com 
On March 19th, 10 FOP/C members spoke at this  City Council session and the result was very powerful.  We hope those 10 members will speak and that others will join.   The Go Renewable Waco campaign is ongoing, and we must continue the pressure for climate action.  Since the campaign began, the Sustainability Board did pass some recommendations for the council, but these were relatively weak, and not followed by action, to my knowledge.  Thus we will demonstrate our ongoing concern about anthropogenic climate change and demand  action.

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